Each cell in the human body is constantly being divided into new cells. In this division, the properties of the cell are transmitted to each new cell. If this goes wrong, it may happen that the cell’s parts get unrestrained. This is called a cell proliferation or tumor. These are roughly divided into benign and malignant types.

Tumor of Unknown Origin

A tumor of unknown origin is a cancer, which the doctors cannot figure out where it was originally created. They find only secondary or metastatic cancer back in organs, such as the lungs, liver or bones. When you do not know where the cancer originated, you are probably uncertain. You may ask whether the doctors know how to treat you for sure or not.

However, what you can surely know is that cancer has certainly got a really expensive treatment. This is where the Canadian Disability Benefits can help you, by financing your treatment to recover, just like other healthy people.

Symptoms of Tumors

Annoying Headache

Sometimes your body signals indicate something serious. Fortunately, there is usually nothing to worry about, but it’s good to talk. However if you were having headaches, you’d probably want to talk to your doctor about that.

Sudden Severe Headache

A sudden, severe headache may be a sign of an infection, tumor or a stroke. The severe headaches can sometimes be accompanied by vomiting, problems of coordination, drowsiness or sleepiness. In the case of such a sudden extreme headache, it is best to seek quick medical attention.

Severe Abdominal Pain

Severe abdominal pain can have many causes. An appendicitis, gallstones, gallbladder pain, an inflamed pancreas and gastric ulcer are some possibilities. The pain may radiate to other areas, which complicates the diagnosis. For example, an appendicitis for the feeling of the patient in the right lower abdomen, but starting below the navel. An ulcer can – unlike what you would expect – sometimes give pain in the lower abdomen.

Blood in Urine or Stool

The most common cause of blood in the urine is kidney stones, or inflammation of the prostate. These are usually painful conditions, and reasons to call the doctor. Those who see blood in the urine but no pain must visit with a doctor, as blood in the urine can be a first, early indication of a cancer tumor. It is therefore always a reason to call the doctor. Blood in the stool is usually harmless, when it comes to bright red blood. That can be derived from a small wound in the anus, or hemorrhoids.

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