For eligible residents of Canadian Disability Benefit Edmonton AB and disability refunds are easily accessible thanks to the Canadian disability benefits. We work with people who are suffering from disabilities but not currently receiving the benefits to which they are entitled.

One of the primary reasons that many Canadians don’t get the Canadian Disability Benefit Edmonton AB or disability refunds to which they are entitled is that they don’t know that their conditions qualify them to receive such benefits. That is why we spend so much time and effort educating the public about these things. Few would be surprised that hearing and vision impairments typically qualify Canadians for benefits, but many may not be aware that things like eating disorders and anxiety can qualify them as well.

If you aren’t sure whether your condition would qualify you to receive Canadian Disability Benefit Edmonton AB or disability refunds, we can help you figure it out. We have over a decade of experience working with individuals to help them determine whether they should be receiving benefits. Not everyone who contacts us is eligible, but many who did not think that they would be are pleasantly surprised.

Should you qualify to receive benefits, we will work with you in helping to obtain them. We will ensure that all of your paperwork is handled properly, which is extremely important given that so many people who are denied benefits are turned away because of such administrative errors. We will also serve as your advocate in dealing with the relevant agencies, helping them to understand that you are a person in need, not someone trying to game the system.

If you live in Edmonton, AB, call or e-mail us today to inform us about your condition. We will be happy to work with you and help you to get any disability benefits and disability refunds to which you are entitled.

What Our Clients Say

I am so grateful to Canadian disability benefits for taking the time out to think about the needs of the disadvantaged disabled people of this world and how much of a positive impact this money will truly have in there life.It will make a difference.I would never have received this money if It had not been for the kind help and the ongoing emotional support of all the specialists I thank you all for your patronage. God Bless!-Danica

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