Disorders involving involuntary actions are quite common, and out of all such disorders, one broader type of disorder goes by the name of tic disorder. A very specific type of this disorder is known as Tourette’s syndrome, which involves both physical as well as the vocal tics. It actually is a neurological condition, affecting the nervous system. Many of the victims of this sort of disorder are children, however the disorder grows increasingly worse when the child gets into his or her teens.

A Tourette’s disorder can be quite embarrassing, as in its severe form the victims are observed as shouting cuss words. However, this doesn’t mean that you should shy away from the treatment, as you can get all the financial assistance that you need through the help of disability benefits from the Canadian government.

What is Tourette Syndrome?

A Tourette Syndrome is a disorder of the nervous system, which starts in childhood. It involves repetitive movements as well as unwanted and uncontrolled sounds, which are called tics. For example, you may unintentionally blurt out cuss words in the public. The symptoms of this disorder show between the ages of 2 to 12 years, and the males are about four times at a higher risk of developing this disorder than the females.

What are Symptoms of Tourette Syndrome?

There are generally two type of tics; the simple tics and the complex tics. The simple tics are brief and repetitive involving a limited number of muscle groups, whereas complex tics involve coordinated patterns of movements, involving several muscle groups. Some of the symptoms of tics with Tourette syndrome are as follow:

  1. Blinking of eyes
  2. Jerking of head
  3. Flexing of fingers
  4. Sticking out the tongue
  5. Darting of eyes

How can Canadian Disability Benefits Help You?

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