The effects of a drug can have devastating effects on the life of any user as it mostly leads to abuse of substances, having a negative impact on one’s social, professional and personal life. The drug addiction forces the user to indulge in it again and again, which eventually makes the user feel that he/she can no longer survive without it. In these unfortunate situations, people get a disability, which is why substance abuse is taken quite seriously by the government of Canada. Most of the time the sufferer feels loss of emotion, withdraws from those who are trying to wean or treat them off from drug addition, and last but not least, drain financial resources.

What is Substance Abuse?

You can define substance abuse as the usage of harmful substance for mood altering reasons. According to a medical dictionary, it’s the usage of illicit drugs or overuse of prescription/over the counter drugs for reasons other than they were prescribed for.

What are the Symptoms of Substance Abuse?

Some of the common symptoms of substance abuse are as follow:

  1. Casual absents particularly at the start and end of the week (Monday and Friday)
  2. Long absents from work stations, arriving late to work or departing early from it, and extended breaks
  3. Not punctual in deadlines and lacking productivity
  4. Dysfunctional
  5. Appearance change
  6. Increased irritability, changed attitude
  7. Errors in judgment, increased accidents at or on the way from work

How can Canadian Disability Help You?

As living a normal life becomes extremely difficult for the addicts of substance abuse, this causes damage to them physically and psychologically. Luckily, the Canadian government understands the situation and provides a solution in the form of Canadian Disability Benefits. As a Canadian citizen, if you find yourself in trouble with substance abuse and need help to get rid of it, then we are the service of expert consultation, which you should be getting in touch with. We go all out in making sure you receive your disability tax credit!

What Our Clients Say

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