Speech disorders affect the ability to articulate comprehensible words. Many people with speech disorders have no trouble understanding or reasoning. Speech Disorders may also comprise voice disorders as related to pitch, loudness or timbre. One of the most common Speech Disorders is stuttering (stuttering), which is characterized by the repetition of sounds and great difficulty articulating the words. The causes of many disorders of speech are unknown.

Speech Disorders include several types of conditions, which are characterized by difficult or limited individual’s ability to communicate through speech. The oral language disorders occur more often in children. All of them are considered functional disorders and are caused by hearing impairment, mental retardation, organic conditions such as cerebral palsy, injury to the vocal cords or cleft palate, and even emotional problems.

Speech Disorders depend on the localization of the hearth.

Types and Symptoms of Speech Disorders


It is a disorder of the reading process, which is characterized by not properly assimilating some language’s graphical symbols. However, some authors question whether dyslexia is actually a language disorder.


Dysgraphia is a disorder of functional type that affects the quality of writing on the subject, in the path or the script. The child has a significantly lower level of writing expected by age and school year, and this impacts negatively on school learning. The most frequent problems observed are the omission of letters.


Difficulty writing without spelling errors.


This is a specific developmental disorder in the child’s arithmetic. It usually occurs in association with other disorders such as dyslexia or dysgraphia, as well as disorders of attention and perception problems. The problems observed in these cases are: confusion and investment numbers, etc.

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