Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which there are emotional disorders, inappropriate behavior, thinking disorder and last but not least the inability for leading a social life. Usually it develops in men aged 18-25 years and women aged 26-45 years. Sometimes it is inherited. It is common among people of different cultures and affects approximately one out of a hundred people in the world.

The term “Schizophrenia” is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the personality disorder. Schizophrenia leads to violation of human experience of reality, which is accompanied by the inadequacy of their behavior and confused emotional reactions. People suffering from Schizophrenia may hear voices that may contribute to the appearance of strangeness in their behavior. They usually are unable to work or maintain relationships with other people. Without proper support and treatment, people with this disease are likely to descend or cause injury to themselves. Approximately one in ten people diagnosed with “Schizophrenia” commit suicide.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Speech Disorder

An example is the abrupt answers to questions, or failure to report detailed information.

No Show Of Emotion

This often results in the loss of friends and limits the range of social intercourse. The man’s face loses its expressiveness, he avoids eye interlocutor.

Inability To Perform Any Task

Sick people just do not see the point to achieve any goals. Because of this, a sick person can have a problem with studies or work.

Lack of Concentration

The Schizophrenic is not able to focus attention on something. The patient’s brain refuses to process the incoming information. Therefore, a person begins to get confused and lose the train of thought.


The person most often hears “voices.” However, it happens that involve hallucinations and other senses. Then the sufferer not only hears, but also sees, touches, tastes the taste and even feel the smell “dreamed up” of his/her own objects and phenomena.

Clouded Thinking And Incoherent Speech

The sufferer could hardly distinguish reality from the “imaginary” world, and cannot with certainty say anything happened to him/her in real or in his/her mind.

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