Psychosis is a group of diseases characterized by loss of contact with reality. The most characteristic symptoms can be grouped into positive symptoms and negative symptoms. Psychosis affects each person differently and at the early stage it is quite difficult to diagnose. In the case of a first psychotic episode, it is particularly difficult to determine exactly the type of psychosis, essentially because in many cases there are unknown factors that have caused it.

Symptoms of Psychosis

Believing in unreal things

Often the affected person has a psychotic episode, false beliefs which are nothing more than mere delusions. The degree of belief is so high that no argument, however logical it may be, is able to refute it. For example, you can be convinced that the police are watching, just by the way cars are parked outside your house.


Due to psychosis, sufferer can hear, feel, see or even smell things that are not actually present. This means that, you can hear voices which others cannot hear, see or perceive nonexistent objects, the taste or smell of altered foods that you think are bad or poisoned.

Different Changes in Behavior

People with psychosis have got changes in their normal behavior. While they become really active at times, they also become extremely lazy thus sitting around all day long and doing nothing literally. Among other things, they can also enjoy at inopportune moments or become angry without any reason.

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