Myotonic myopathy is a medical condition that is variant of a disease called myotonic dystrophy type 2. Being chronic in nature, its characterized by various ailments such as muscular contractions, muscular weakness, heart related abnormalities, cataract, balding and sometimes infertility. Its genetic in nature and is often caused due to mutation of an individual’s genetic structure.

Although Myotonic Myopathy is most common of all the muscular dystrophy forms, affecting mostly the adults, it only affects the 2% of total world’s population. However due to the chronic nature of the ailment, you need to get regular medical check ups!

What is Myotonic Myopathy?

Myotonic muscular dystrophy is a multi-system disorder which impacts the skeletal muscles such as the limbs and trunk, smooth muscles which control the digestive system as well as the cardiac muscles.

What are the symptoms of Myotonic Myopathy?

The symptoms of Myotonic Myopathy includes difficulty in releasing one’s grip such as weakness of muscles in feet and hands, abnormal heart rhythms and difficulty in swallowing. The non-muscle symptoms also include daytime sleepiness, learning difficulty, infertility and cataracts in early age. Its mostly caused by the abnormal expansion of repeated areas of genes.
Due to all the problems that a person has to face, there is no denying this fact that the individual’s ability to live a normal life gets hampered to a significant level. Depending on the onset and severity of it, tasks such as bottle and jar opening, driving and participation in sports become limited.

How Can Canadian Disability Benefits Help?

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