Mild Intellectual Disability

The ability to write, speak, read as well as regarding the basic motor functions relies on an individual’s ability to learn. While some of us experience normal learning ability, at the same time, there are many others who are not lucky to enjoy all the colors of life, owing to the mild learning disability. Such people are mentally handicapped and the severity of being handicapped varies from one individual to another. Depending on that severity, a person may be diagnosed with a particular condition or disorder, however when the learning disability is mild, its usually diagnosed as the mild intellectual disability.

What is Mild Intellectual Disability?

Mild Intellectual Disability is mainly diagnosed in children, and implies that the disabled child has got a lower IQ level than their peers. Such children lack in learning ability by about 2 -4 years, which is why the parents are required to send them to special schools, where special teaching methods are applied to make them learn. With the help of hard work of both parents and teachers, the disability can be improved, to make the situation for that particular child and his/her parents or guardian better.

What are Symptoms of Mild Intellectual Disability?

Low IQ score around 70 is one of the symptoms of mild intellectual disability. Other signs include poor adaptive behavior, which includes social, practical and conceptual skills for getting around in life.

The problems in learning manifests in an individual’s life, affecting him/her socially. Memory issues are another problem and the symptoms continue to varying degree into the adulthood.

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