There are about Four million Canadians, who suffer from migraine headaches. The condition of migraine is extremely disruptive to the productivity and quality of life, which is why the world health organization has ranked it amongst the top 20 disability causes. According to scientific facts and research, women in comparison to men face this condition three times more. Although, the affected individual can always apply for the disability benefits tax credit, which the Canadian government offers, still you need to know what a migraine is, so that you can treat the problem with an expert health care expert.

What is a Migraine?

Migraine is an extremely painful headache, which is indescribable by the sufferers for those who have never been affected by it. The intensity of the pain ranges from being mild to severe. In addition to the pain, other characteristics exertion, nausea, noise and light sensitivity also accompany the pain. About 10% people also suffer from flashing lights, commonly known as vision changes, which occur before the migraine pain strikes. Also the pain is not always one sided which means that it can occur on both temples and even at the back of the head.
The exact cause of Migraine pain is still unknown, different researches have concluded that the pain is mostly caused by a chemical imbalance, caused in the hormones or in the brain. Unfortunately the exact treatment for the disease is not available, still it can be reduced through anti-inflammatory medicines or painkillers and even therapies in most cases.

What are symptoms of Migraines?

Its not difficult to diagnose someone with migraines, and the common symptoms are:

  • Stiffness
  • Problem with coordinating with others
  • Blurred Visions
  • Difficulty in Speaking
  • Nausea
  • Loss of consciousness

How Canadian Disability Benefits can Help you?

As the migraine pain can be trigged randomly, living with the constant fear of having them is indeed very stressful . For this reason, the Canadian government recognized the Migraine pains as a disability to provide comfort for the sufferers through their disability tax credit program. Through these benefits the financial and emotional burden linked with the pain can be curbed to some extent and this is exactly what we at Canadian Disability Benefits can help you with.

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