Most Canadians are familiar with depression as a mental illness, but far fewer are familiar with its inverse, mania, as a standalone disorder. However, whether manic episodes present as part of a greater disorder such as bipolar or simply appear on their own, they can have devastating effects on your life. Canadian Disability Benefits is the number one resource in Canada for assistance during the complex Canadian Disability Tax Credit application process.

What is Mania?

As mentioned above, mania can generally be described as the opposite of depression and in many cases presents as a symptom of bipolar disorder. In fact, this is so commonly the case that a single manic episode can be enough to diagnose bipolar I disorder in the absence of contradictory symptoms. However, there are other things which can cause mania or manic-like symptoms such as B-12 deficiency or the use of stimulant drugs among other things. In order for a diagnosis to be made, these symptoms cannot be caused by drugs or a medical illness and must result in a significant disruption of a person’s daily life or require hospitalization. Thankfully, these symptoms can be controlled with proper psychiatric care and medication, Canadian Disability Benefits can help make ends meet and get you the care you deserve.

Symptoms of Mania

Under the most commonly used definition of mania, a person must exhibit an overly happy or irritable state for at least 7 days straight. The most common symptoms of mania include pressured speech, unfounded feelings of self-esteem, reduced need for sleep and hyperactivity. In the most severe instances of manic states, a person might end up feeling completely out of control and require hospitalization to get back under control.

How Canadian Disability Benefits Helps

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