A few short decades ago, people with learning disabilities were generally just considered ‘slow’ and written off by society as unlikely to ever amount to anything. Thankfully, science and medicine has advanced over the years to a point where we can finally realize that because someone learns differently, that doesn’t mean they can’t contribute and become valuable members of society. However, many Canadians were born before these revolutions in education occurred and are currently adults struggling to make it in a society which gave up on them when they were children.

What is a Learning Disability?

Defining a learning disability is not an easy task for anyone as they come in countless different varieties and levels of severity, each of which must be carefully considered and evaluated before a doctor can make a diagnosis. However, in a very broad sense a learning disability is any condition in which the primary symptom is a disparity between a person’s apparent capacity to learn and their actual achievements. These discrepancies can appear in nearly any aspect of a person’s life that involves gathering and retaining new information. One of the major things we’ve noticed over our time working with the Canadian Disability Tax Credit here at Canadian Disability Benefits is that people with learning disabilities seem to be less likely to apply for the benefits they qualify for. We’re not doctors, but it seems to us that if they are not taught at a young age how to handle their learning disability, those feelings of inadequacy will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Symptoms of Learning Disabilities

As with so many mental disorders, the learning disabilities seem to hit every person differently and can present a wide variety of symptoms. The one thing binds them together as a category is the fact that whatever the symptoms may be, the main effect they have is to decrease a person’s achievements significantly below where they apparently should be. While these disabilities are most commonly discovered in early childhood through academic testing, there are plenty of cases where children either slip through the cracks and adults who completed school before these diagnoses were available. In both of the latter cases and even cases where the child is properly diagnosed, these difficulties frequently stay with a person throughout their life and can continue to cause serious problems.

Learning disabilities are generally classed into three categories depending on which part of a person’s learning they primarily affect.

  • Dyslexia – Disabilities which affect a person’s ability to read
  • Dyscalculia – Those which affect the grasp or usage of numbers and mathematics
  • Dysgraphia – An impairment or inability related to one’s ability to write

The cruelest part of suffering from a learning disability is not just the fact that these three areas each encompass vital aspects of everyday life, but the fact that many people suffering from learning disabilities are affected in more than one of those categories. Canadian Disability Benefits can’t magically make these difficulties go away, but they can help make sure that your future is financially stable no matter how you disability may affect your daily life.

How Canadian Disability Benefits Helps

Canadian Disability Benefits will provide you with more than three decades of tax and financial expertise when you bring your Canadian Disability Tax Credit claim to them. With the lowest rates in the industry and the fact that you will never owe us a dime unless you collect your benefits, there really is no downside to bring your case to us for review. Give us a call today; you might be missing out on as much as $35,000 in benefits.

What Our Clients Say

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