Hypermobility Syndrome

Hypermobility syndrome have the potential to make living a normal life quite difficult get Hypermobility Syndrome Disability Benefits by Canadian Governments. We will certainly make a case on your behalf if your condition and we feel that you meet the criteria.

Such people are affected by misaligned joints, abnormally shaped bone ends, or/and connective tissue defects. A genetically inherited condition, hypermobility syndrome is characterized by these aspects. The condition is also a feature of another rare and significant condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Causes of Hypermobility syndrome

Hypermobility syndrome is caused by genetic issues and a person’s genes, as well as the general wear and tear of ligaments in the hands as they are used for years and years, often in repetitive tasks. This makes the ligaments work in a more and more flexibile, efficient manner over time, eventually causing the patient to deal with immobility and a lack of general dexterity in their hands.

Additionally, Hypermobility syndrome can be caused by general overuse and issues related to people who are overusing their hands or other extremities to do one thing repeatedly. Overuse can wear down ligaments and make it very difficult to do things efficiently and effectively over time.

Symptoms of Hypermobility syndrome

Symptoms of Hypermobility syndrome present themselves quite simply, with a large increase of mobility and dexterity within the hands. Patients will notice that Hypermobility syndrome comes on after doing a repetitive or particularly damaging task, and that it shows itself in pain in the hands and fingers.

Hypermobility syndrome symptoms typically persist for anywhere from several days to several weeks, and they are symptoms that return over and over when presented with more repetitive tasks and overuse.

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