Huntingtons Disease

Degenerative neurological diseases such as Huntingtons disease are among the most difficult disabilities we routinely address through our business here at Canadian Disability Benefits. Because of the very nature of these diseases, people living with them are forced to watch as they slowly lose control of their body. By the time Huntington’s disease fully sets in, patients require expensive full time care and may need the help of the Canadian Disability Tax Credit program to make ends meet.

What is Huntingtons disease?

Huntington’s disease is a devastating neurodegenerative genetic disorder which gradually leads to physical, cognitive and psychiatric difficulties. While symptoms usually become most noticeable between the ages of 35 and 44, and most commonly begin with physical difficulties, Huntington’s disease can affect anyone at any age. Over time, as the disease progresses it eventually takes away a person’s ability to care for themselves regardless of treatment, in which case Canadian Disability Benefits may become a necessity simply in order to survive.

Symptoms of Huntingtons disease

As mentioned above, Huntingtons disease generally affects a person’s physical, cognitive and psychiatric health as it progresses; most commonly starting with the physical symptoms. These symptoms generally begin with decreased muscle control, leading over time to involuntary writhing movements known as chorea.

As the disease progresses, a cognitive decline and a variety of psychiatric disorder become more common and often progress from mild to severe over time. Cognitive symptoms often begin with short term memory difficulties and may eventually progress to the point where they include lapses in a person’s long term memory. In the rare cases in which cognitive or psychiatric symptoms begin to appear before physical, they are most often minor and generally not immediately identifiable as Huntington’s disease.

How Canadian Disability Benefits Helps

No matter how severe your Huntington’s disease symptoms may currently be it is important to know that the experts at Canadian Disability Benefits are here for you. By putting our decades of experience to work for you, we can help you collect up to $35,000 per claim from the Canadian Disability Tax Credit program. Contact us today to get started; when living with a chronic illness, money is the last thing you should have to spend time worrying about.

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