While not as well-known as the related condition of dyslexia, dysgraphia can be equally devastating when a person suffering from it does not receive proper treatment. As there is not simple pill or other cure for dysgraphia, this treatment generally consists of years of therapy which can add up to very high costs. Canadian Disability Benefits can help you receive the benefits you need at the most competitive rates available.

What is Dysgraphia?

Put simply, dysgraphia is a condition in which the sufferer experiences a deficiency in their ability to write. This can take the form of poor handwriting and/or problems with coherence. The vast majority of dysgraphia cases can be classified into one of three categories; dyslexic, motor or spatial. While each of these classifications can present in various levels of severity, they all qualify as a disability under the Canadian Disability Tax Credit program if they impose a significant hardship for the sufferer.

Dyslexic dysgraphia is characterized primarily by illegible spontaneous work and severely impaired spelling while copied work is generally acceptable and there is no sign of fine motor impairment.

Motor dysgraphia on the other hand is caused by an underlying problem in a person’s fine motor skills causing writing problems while oral spelling is often unaffected.
Spatial dysgraphia is characterized by a deficiency in a person’s ability to understand spatial relationships. While spelling ability is generally unaffected, handwriting is characteristically deficient in both spontaneous and copied work.

Symptoms of Dysgraphia

While we have already discussed that dysgraphia is characterized by a deficiency in a person’s ability to write, there are other symptoms which frequently accompany this disorder. These can include cramping in the hand during writing, odd hand, wrist or arm positions while writing, inefficient speed of copying and many others. No matter what specific symptoms accompany your dysgraphia, the effect the diminished ability to write can have on your daily life can be devastating.

How Canadian Disability Benefits Helps

The already difficult process of applying for Canadian Disability Benefits is made all the more cruel when the disability you’re suffering from limits your ability to even fill out the paperwork. Canadian Disability Benefits understands that this is exactly the case with dysgraphia and we’re here to provide you with the help you need to get the benefits you’re entitled to. Give us a call today for your free consultation and start down the road to a financially secure future.

What Our Clients Say

I am so grateful to Canadian disability benefits for taking the time out to think about the needs of the disadvantaged disabled people of this world and how much of a positive impact this money will truly have in there life.It will make a difference.I would never have received this money if It had not been for the kind help and the ongoing emotional support of all the specialists I thank you all for your patronage. God Bless!-Danica

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