Developmentally Delayed

Developmentally delayed people often have a wide range of medical and therapeutic needs which may affect every aspect of their lives. Canadian Disability Benefits understands the needs and difficulties associated with developmental delay and can help you to get the treatment you require. Canadian disability benefit can provide you with over $30,000 per claim to assist with your medical needs.

What is a Developmental Delay?

Developmental delays stem from a wide variety of causes and manifest in an equally wide variety of symptoms and syndromes. However, as a recognized disability under the Canadian Disability Tax Credit program, all developmental delay disorders are distinguishable through the failure to meet developmental milestones.

While developmental delays may affect any part of a person’s life, they are most commonly divided into two primary categories; pervasive and specific. In short, a specific developmental delay only affects a specific part or parts of a person’s development while all other parts progress normally. On the other hand, people suffering from pervasive developmental delays have multiple parts of their development affected and can be in particular need of Canadian Disability Benefits.

Symptoms of Developmental Delays

Over the past few decades, medical and scientific research has established a set of standard developmental milestones which each person should achieve. A developmental delay can be simply described as the failure to meet one or more of these milestones. In many cases, pervasive developmental disorders include cognitive developments which are not simply delayed but additionally considered abnormal for any developmental stage. This is in contrast to specific developmental delays which most often include developmental progress which is delayed but still considered to be normal.

How Canadian Disability Benefits Helps

In some cases, developmental delays can be overcome through the use of proper therapy and other treatment. However, these treatments are often expensive and long term in nature which can quickly lead to financial hardships among most families. Canadian Disability Benefits can help you through the application process required to qualify for the financial assistance you need in order to overcome your disability.

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