Chromosome abnormalities include a wide variety of disorders, all of which are caused by a deletion, duplication or other error within a person’s genes. As these abnormalities can occur in countless ways, this category includes a large number of different syndromes. Regardless of which specific chromosome abnormality you are living with, Canadian Disability Benefits can help make sure you receive the financial help you deserve.

What is a Chromosome Abnormality?

Every cell in a normal human body contains 46 chromosomes which are divided into 23 pairs. Each of these 23 pairs is made up of one chromosome from each parent via the sperm and egg which then duplicate and multiply until they eventually form a fully developed baby. Unfortunately, things don’t always go exactly the way they are supposed to and whenever a baby develops with any variation of chromosomes other than this, a chromosome abnormality is said to have occurred. These abnormalities can present in numerous ways and combinations, each of which causes its own set of symptoms and qualify for Canadian Disability Benefits in their own way.

Symptoms of Chromosome Abnormality

One of the most common and familiar disorders caused by a chromosome abnormality is Down syndrome. This disorder is caused by an abnormality known as ‘trisomy 21’ in which there is an extra chromosome attached to the 21st pair. However, as chromosome disorders are copied into every cell in the body they can affect every body system and each unique abnormality will affect these systems in a unique way. Therefore, while developmental delays and specific physical characteristics occur in many disorders caused by chromosome abnormalities, it is impossible to say any specific symptoms are ‘typical’ of chromosome abnormalities as a whole. Whatever the symptoms of your specific disorder may be, chromosome abnormalities tend to include some rather expensive medical needs. Canadian Disability Benefits can help you collect up to $35,000 from the Canadian Disability Tax Credit program to help offset those costs.

How Canadian Disability Benefits Helps

When you choose Canadian Disability Benefits to help you through the Canadian Disability Benefits process, you can rest assured that your claim will be backed by more than three decades of experience in the financial and tax professions. Over that time we have dealt with nearly every possible complication that could arise during your application process.

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