Behcets Disease

While most of the disorders and diseases we deal with at Canadian Disability Benefits are well known to the public or at the very least are things you’ve probably heard of, there are always the occasional cases which still surprise us. While we generally have a streamlined process which we use when applying for Canadian Disability Benefits related to the most common disabilities, we have to admit that it is always interesting to learn about new things, like Behcet’s disease when we get the chance. However, whether your disability is brand new to us or something we’ve dealt with a thousand times, we also understand that each case is unique and will work tirelessly to get you the money you are entitled to.

What is Behcet’s Disease?

Behcet’s disease is a rare condition consisting primarily of small vessel systemic vasculitis. While not entirely unheard of in Canada, Behcet’s disease is far more common in the Middle East and Asia, primarily along the areas once known as the “silk road”. Behcet’s is not fatal in most cases; however painful ulcers and eyesight problems frequently arise in those living with the disease, seriously disrupting their ability to perform daily activities and qualifying them for Canadian Disability Benefits.

Symptoms of Behcet’s Disease

As briefly mentioned above, the one universal symptom of Behcet’s disease is the appearance of oral ulcerations. These ulcers may be of any size, shape or number as long as they appear at least 3 times in a twelve month period. In addition to the oral ulcers, other symptoms commonly used to identify Behcet’s disease include genital ulcers, skin lesions and inflammation of the eye.

While the above symptoms can certainly be painful and may even cause permanent damage, particularly to the patient’s vision, it is important to remember that not all symptoms are visible to the naked eye. As a systemic disease, Behcet’s disease can also affect the body’s organs as is usually the case when a person is suffering a sufficient level of disruption in their lives to apply for the Canadian Disability Tax Credit program. In a relatively small percentage of cases, this disease can become fatal due to a ruptured aneurysm or severe neurological involvement.

How Canadian Disability Benefits Helps

If you’re suffering from a disability which affects your ability to perform daily tasks, Canadian Disability Benefits will help you apply for the Canadian Disability Benefits to which you’re entitled. This basic belief is the foundation upon which we have built our company over the past thirty years and applies equally no matter what your disability may be. Call us or use our online contact form today to get started with the application process at no cost to you until after you collect your benefits.

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