Not a lot of people are aware about Auditory processing disorder, which however is quite a serious disorder. A lot of people who have got the knowhow of the disorder have got misconceptions about the condition of the sufferer. So the question is what exactly auditory processing disorder is. Well it’s answered right below for your information:

What is a Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory processing disorder which is also known as the central auditory processing disorder is actually a disorder which is caused due to a brain malfunction. As we all know that the brain is responsible for the conversion of audio signals into electrical signals, which helps the person in analyzing meaningful words and noise from each other, this disorder impairs that functionality of the brain.

This means that the person suffering from Auditory processing disorder is unable to interpret different sounds around him. As an example you can say that the hearing process gets impaired due to this disorder. The disorder is common amongst children and all the patients of Auditory processing disorder require conscious medical care. The good thing is that the people suffering from the disorder or their families are entitled to receiving Canadian Disability Benefits, provided by the Canadian government.

What are the symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder?

The symptoms of auditory processing disorder are as follow:

Difficulty in concentrating on things in classrooms

Inability to recall things which are said to the child orally, in short poor display of memory

Inability to multitask and facing difficulty when faced with multiple directions

Inability to understand and grasp information, presented to the child

Having poor language skills, including the inability to understand the sequence of syllables, and hence, finding it difficult to understand language.
Poor linguistic skills, with inability to understanding the sequence of syllables, also trouble understanding the language.

Bad academic performance, due to impaired learning ability

How can Canadian Disability Benefits Help You?

To facilitate those that are suffering and affected by the Auditory Processing disorder, the Canadian government offers disability tax benefits, falling under the category of mental functions as well as

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