People suffering from Asperger Syndrome can always consider applying for Canadian Disability Benefits, as the people suffering from Asperger Syndrome find it really difficult relating to others along with focusing on a singular topic.

What is Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger Syndrome is actually known as the autism-spectrum disorder which causes delays in development, especially in the areas of socialization and communication. It’s actually a neurological disorder which falls under the wide category of autism spectrum disorders. For you to understand exactly what the Asperger syndrome is, you need to study autismspectrum disorders in detail. This term “autism spectrum” actually refers to a variety of development disabilities which come under the same heading, as the symptoms can appear in different combinations, shared by other sub-disorders.

What are symptoms of Asperger Syndrome?

Some of the symptoms that people suffering from Asperger’s syndrome are as follow:

  1. Stiff, same and rapid speech
  2. Clumsy and uncoordinated movements
  3. Inability to understand other person’s emotions
  4. Difficulty in understanding jokes and humorous talk
  5. Redundant behavior
  6. Unusual postures, weird odd nonverbal communication and minimal facial expressions
  7. Extremely consuming interest in two or one narrow topics

In children Asperger’s syndrome causes language delays in children, and this means that conversation with children seem stilted as they lack the back and forth engagement, which comes under the normal interaction. Also the children suffering from Asperger lag in physical developments, are slow to crawl, roll balls, walk and catch and even navigate playground equipment.

When the child grows into adulthood, he/she develops anxiety and depression. Furthermore, the mental illness becomes a hindrance in getting a successful employment opportunity and due to the negative affect which Asperger has on the person’s social navigation; they would find it really difficult to interact appropriately with their co-workers.

The weird behaviors of victims of Asperger’s such as hand twisting and flapping prevent a person from being a successful employee, especially outside the narrow areas of their interest. This is one reason why they get alienated and this alienation causes them to develop anxiety and depression.

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