Mobility or other issues affecting your quality of life? We can help!
Suffering from Depression? You may be eligible for more than $35,000 per claim!
Each disability application is processed by professional accountants.
Here to help when you need it most.
Our rates are better than our competitors, guaranteed!
Ask us about the Registered Disability Savings Plan, to help you maximize your refund!
  • You are only invoiced once you get your refund.
  • All applications are reviewed by professional accountants with many years of experience.
  • Our professional accountants and staff will hold your hand throughout the process until you receive your refund.
  • We offer the most competitive rates in the industry, guaranteed!
  • Our team of professionals are able to help you with all your financial and taxation needs.
  • Disability Benefits

    Adequate disability benefits can mean the difference between comfortable living and living that is a challenge. We're here to help you.

  • Types of Disabilities

    Disabilities qualifying for disability benefits range from addictions to migraines to Alzheimer's Disease/dementia.

  • Disability Refund

    Applying for a disability refund can be difficult if you are trying to do so on your own. Let us help you to get the maximum refund.

  • Disability Rebate

    Did you know that you may be eligible for a disability rebate up to $35,000 per claim? Let us help you to get the money you deserve to live a comfortable life.


NOTICE: Capital Disability Benefits Corp. also known as Canadian Disability Benefits didn't pay for the design of canadiandisabilitybenefits.ca or the content found on canadiandisabilitybenefits.ca. Capital Disability Benefits Corp. stole this website and moved it to capitaldisability.ca. Our website was built and launched in July 2013, theirs did not appear until November 2013.

Welcome to Disability Credit Consultants Canada

Whether you were born with a disability or if you suffered an unfortunate accident later in life, it can be extremely hard to earn enough money to simply get by. Thankfully we live in Canada, where the government genuinely cares for its citizens and offers generous Disability Credit Consultants to eligible Canadians. In many cases this can mean a refund of up to $41,000! However, this process can be very overwhelming and complicated. Disability Credit Consultants will simplify this process for you. We have over 30 years of related experience in the Canadian tax industry, especially with Disability Credit Consultants, making us a perfect advocate for eligible Canadians in pursuit of this most needed financial aid.

Our friendly and experienced staff will provide you with a complete overview of the entire process and help to calculate the approximate value of the disability benefits you are entitled to receive. We will walk you through all necessary steps to insure that your claim is successfully processed. Disability Credit Consultants is here to help you when you need it most!

Call us today at 1-855-267-0528 or click on the Free Consultation icon to get started!

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