Hello and welcome to our new blog! For years, Canadian Disability Benefits Group has been known throughout Toronto and across Ontario as the premiere source for information and assistance in the aftermath of a disability. We have helped thousands of Canadians navigate the complex and confusing process of applying for disability benefits. We have made a reputation for ourselves by fighting tirelessly for each and every one of our clients and never giving up until you receive the benefits you are entitled to or every possible avenue has been explored on your behalf.

Along with our new website and social media programs, we have also decided to start this blog as a way to keep all of you updated on the latest news in the world of disability benefits. Our field is one in which changes are happening almost daily and there is simply no way for a traditional website to keep up and reflect how those changes may change your way of life in Toronto. While social media is great for brief summaries and urgent alerts, we have come to realize that a weekly blog is the only platform which allows us to really take an in-depth look at the subjects which really matter to our clients in Toronto, Ontario and in Canada as a whole.

Canadian Disability Benefits – Toronto

With that said the caring professionals who make our team here at Canadian Disability Benefits Group also realize that some of the fine points of law which we may find fascinating could be incredibly boring to the average citizen. This is why we would like to close this inaugural post with a promise and a request. First, we promise that we will do everything we can to keep the posts on this blog as interesting and wide ranging as possible while still bringing you the news you need regarding disability benefits in Canada. In the coming months we plan to provide you with tips and tricks to make living with a disability easier, inspirational stories of people across Ontario who are overcoming adversity and much, much more.

Finally, the request; while we will attempt to cover every topic of interest and answer as many of the frequently asked question we can think of, we also need your help. Please do not hesitate to use our contact page or the comments section on this blog to let us know exactly what you are thinking. We need your feedback in order to make this as successful as possible and would also love to use this as a stage to publicly address any question, concerns or thoughts you might be having about disability benefits or any other related topics.