Trouble Dressing

Dressing is a complex task that involves the development of other skills: choosing the clothes, putting them on properly, etc. It involves coordination of different brain functions, which get affected by this disease. It becomes more difficult in the middle stages, and manifests itself in trouble choosing clothes according to the weather.

Causes of Trouble Dressing

The most common symptom of trouble dressing is forgetfulness. At some point, it becomes so severe that it disrupts normal life. With this medical condition, everyday conversations and activities become more and more difficult to manage.


People with trouble dressing forget basically what has happened recently, which they have just been told they were going to do. Subsequently, they also forget what happened before. However, forgetfulness can also be a sign of aging, without any connection with dementia. Trouble Dressing mostly happens to the patients of Dementia, which involves a far greater number of violations than just forgetfulness, and is characterized by the deterioration of other intellectual functions.


Children with Dyspraxia are often awkward and clumsy, which is why they become objects of ridicule amongst their peers. This helps to ensure that these children become passive, and refuse to play outdoor games. They are often frustrated, fearful, stubborn and shy. Children with Dyspraxia are different from their peers since they get fatigued; they have to try extra hard to manage their everyday actions. They have a long time learning how to eat and dress themselves. Not once can they decide which hand holds the spoon.

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