Car accidents

If you’ve never been in a serious car accident, it can be easy to assume that the combination of your auto and health insurance will take care of everything when you need it. However, if you have the unfortunate distinction of finding yourself as one of the more than 10,000 Canadians who suffer serious injuries on our roads each year, you can quickly realize that those benefits only go so far. For most of these victims, this is the point at which they are first introduced to the Canadian Disability Tax Credit application process and the heartbreak that so often accompanies the piles of confusing paperwork. At Canadian Disability Benefits, we have decades of experience in the field and will fight to make sure you receive the full amount you are entitled to.

What is a ‘Car Accident Disability’?

With the number of drivers on the roads constantly increasing, car accidents are not only one of the most devastating sources of disabilities but also one of the most common. On one hand the cars of today are safer than ever and more people are walking away unharmed from accidents which would have killed or seriously injured them just a decade or two ago. However we can’t ignore the other hand, on that hand sits physics and the simple fact that the human body is simply not designed to take the extreme forces which are so often encountered when two vehicles collide, particularly at high speeds.

Starting with that basic principle, it is simple to deduce that when we refer to a ‘car accident disability’ we are including any physical or mental complication which may arise as the result of such an impact. Due to the violent forces involved and the fact that your whole body is exposed to them, the list of disabilities which can be caused by a car accident is nearly endless.

Symptoms of a ‘Car Accident Disability’

The list of symptoms associated with a ‘Car Accident Disability’ is about the only thing which exceeds the list of diagnosable disabilities which a person can experience following a major accident. However, thanks to the foresightedness of the Canadian government when introducing the Disability Tax Credit program back in the 1980s, nearly any physical or mental impairment which affects your life over a significant period of time can qualify you for the program. These benefits can reach as much as $35,000 no matter what your current income might be and can make a significant difference in your quality of life by offsetting most if not all of the costs associated with your disability.

How Canadian Disability Benefits Helps

As we implied earlier, the application process for the Canadian Disability Tax Credit program is a long and complicated experience which can become too much for most people to handle. If you’re inexperienced with government bureaucracy, it can quickly go from an annoyance to serious heartbreak when you receive a rejection based upon a simple mistake. Canadian Disability Benefits has assisted thousands of Canadians with their applications and with their decades of experience in the tax and finance field, our team can surely help you.

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