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CDB were amazingly helpful and got me my claim with little trouble. Painless and professional.

Janet Reeve
Mississauga Resident

Whether you were born with a disability or suffered an unfortunate accident later in life, it can be extremely hard to earn enough money to simply get by.

Thankfully we live in Canada, where the government genuinely cares for its citizens and offers generous Disability Credit to eligible Canadians.

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    I was so surprised and pleased with my outcome, and I can thank CDB soley for this. Great job.

    John Dykes
    Toronto Resident

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      Adequate disability benefits can mean the difference between comfortable living and living that is a challenge. We're here to help you.

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      Disabilities qualifying for disability benefits range from addictions to migraines to Alzheimer's Disease/dementia.

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      Applying for a disability refund can be difficult if you are trying to do so on your own. Let us help you to get the maximum refund.

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