Oshawa, ON

If you are struggling to make ends meet, or you simply aren’t saving as much money as you would like due to a canadian disability Oshawa ON, help is available if you live in or near Oshawa, ON. Disability refunds are designed to help make life easier for those suffering from disabilities.

The Canadian government, unlike many of its counterparts around the world, recognizes the need to help those not only with physical disabilities but also those with mental and emotional ones. That is why disability benefits are widely available in Canada. In fact, they are so widely available that many people who qualify are unaware that they do because their conditions do not fall into the traditional definitions of ‘disabilities’.

At Canadian Disability Oshawa ON we can provide you with the guidance you need to determine whether you should pursue disability refunds. If you do qualify, we can also help you through the application process to ensure that the paperwork is filled out properly and that you convey the seriousness of your situation to any government officials who may doubt it. You would be amazed at how many people who should be receiving disability benefits have their claims denied on account of simple errors or misunderstandings that are easily rectifiable with proper assistance Canadian Disability Oshawa ON.

We have helped people throughout Canada receive thousands of dollars in disability refunds. Some refunds have even gone well into the tens of thousands of dollars. Best of all, we never charge anyone whom we do not successfully help to receive their disability benefits. That means that there is literally no risk to you because we will never send you an invoice until you have gotten your check(s).

Give us a call or send us an e-mail today with some information about your condition. We have already helped many people in Oshawa, ON to get the disability refunds they deserve, and we would love to help you next.

Canadian Disability Benefits specializes in securing the maximum Disability Tax Credit for disabled Canadians. In many cases up to $40,000! Canadian Disability Benefits is there when you need it most!

  • You are only invoiced once you get your refund.
  • All applications are reviewed by professional Disability Consultants.
  • You may be eligible to receive more than $40,000 in refunds for your disability!
  • Our professional Consultants and staff will hold your hand throughout the process until you receive your refund.
  • We offer very competitive rates in the industry
  • Using Our team of Disability Tax Credit professionals will Maximize Your Disability Disability Tax Refund